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Wearable Tech for Maximum Effenciency

In modern times, we are heading towards a fully digitized world. The devices we are accustomed today, was considered impossible only a few hundred years ago. Our smartphones and televisions would be black magic. Now, in the modern age, this sort of digital magic is the norm. If someone walked around with a flip-phone, we would look at them in a confused manner. If our friends was still using a ctr tv in there home, we would find a new friend. Soon enough, if someone is not using a IoT device, they will seem outdated. Wich brings me to wearable tech. What started off as just a fitness tracker is integrating itself into everyday activities. To name a few:

Polo Tech Shirt

Ralph Lauren, a major clothing line, is coming out with its own wearable tech. A polo shirt that makes wearing biometric sensors comfortable. The fibres used to read your heart rate and stress levels are wovened into the shirt, making it more stylish and comfortable. The PoloTech shirt connects to your Iphone via a sleek, cool-looking detachable black-box on the shirt. Definitely a wearable tech to check out if you’re into fitness. More about this innovation here: PoloTech Shirt.

Employee Biosensors

You may also soon find wearables mandatory in your work place. Well maybe not anytime soon. A team has created a tech that’ll monitor employees health to ensure maximum effenciency while at work. Basically, “Human Optimization.” It is not just for companies use in managing their employees, but as well, providing more “intra-personal knowledge” to the worker. Another positive benefit, is the business will know when a employee needs a day off and when they perform at their best. Personally though, I’d rather keep that info to myself to avoid company abuse. Here’s an article explaining more about the tech: “New Biosensors Let Companies Track Employees Performance.”

Emotion Internet

But I’m sure some businesses would want to get biosensors on your emotions. Affectiva, a tech firm measuring emotions, has amassed billions of facial expressions to create devices that can detect different emotions on the human. Microsofts Research VIBE division, has a prtotype scarf that’ll read wearer moods. With the amount of data these companies and others are finding, they can train computers to recognize different emotions using the “Emotion Internet.”(Coming out in a network near you) This can be used to inform you what activities makes you most happiest or let you know the effects alcohol is going to have on your emotional state. There is more in-depth information about emergence of this tech: Emotional Internet.


Though, some of this tech is still some years from maturing. What you will be able to do now is use your bodies inner workings to make payments. A “Toronto-based start-up Nymi” has created a device that can read your heartrate to identify you. The consensus is that your heartrate is unique to you and no one can spoof it. Essentially safer than fingerprints, since no one just has to wait for you to touch something to take your identity(in a way.) Either way, it’s a interesting way to buy groceries. Nymi

Neil Harbisson

Neil Harbisson, an living cyborg, has implanted tech that allows him to see colour as sound. Pretty cool. Born color blind, he uses an internet-connected antenna to decipher different colors into sound. With his cyborgnetic device, he is able to see a wide range of colour, Even ultra-voilet and infrared light, that the average human eye cannot pick up. Now with his antenna connected to the International Space Station, he is on a mission to discover the colour of space. Honestly, that’s pretty cool: Neil Harbisson.

Final Thoughts

The moral to the story is, we’re destined to integrate tech into our bodies, one way or another. In pursuitof effiency and human optimization and glamour and to keep up with robotic/A.I. advancements, we will aid our bodies with wearable tech. A few generations from now, we’ll enjoy the luxury of insertable-tech. Though I’m still waiting on the human who chops off their arm to implant a mechanical arm for enhanced strength. Yep, keeping my eye out. Thinking about it, maybe I’ll be able to replace my eye with a cyborg eye. Have the ability to control my compuer with my cyborg eye. Possibly control anothers emotion with my eye. Oh, the possibilities. But, I guess that’s what dreams are for.

What are your thoughts about the wearable-tech phenomenon?

As always, from Around Your Screen.

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