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XR Education Advances with XR Bootcamp

When it comes to producing augmented, virtual and mixed reality experiences(AR/VR/XR), it can be a bit perplexing. There are various fundamentals that goes into creating smooth and immersive extended reality (XR) experiences, such as face/body/geo-tracking, reducing the screen door/shutter-effect, realistic environment physics and optimal object-placement. This in itself can make it difficult for people to understand and create for the XR world. Fortunately, many developers and XR enthusiasts were perceptive about lack of resources for people to educate themselves about XR and what can be accomplished. Therefore sought out to create solutions and platforms streamlining the XR education process for XR induction.

Highlights of XR Bootcamp

Who is propelling XR education?

XR Bootcamp is one such XR education platform helping with the XR learning process, for both green-thumbs, seasoned developers and digital artists. It was a initiative from VR First Consortium members(HTC, Intel, LeapMotion and Oculus), who understood and “identified the needs of the [XR] industry and decided to move forward with XR Bootcamp,” in order to populate and propel the industry with the skills they need to produce the effective and engaging VR/AR media. With many leading XR experts involved with the learning platform, including Ferhan Ozkan(VR First), Rahel Demant(VR First), Dennys Kuhnert(Holonautic), Roger Küng(Holonautic), Alan Smithson(MetaVrse) and Amy Peck(HTC Vive), XR Bootcamp is fortified with resources and classes to assist anyone in learning how to utilize XR.

Green-thumbs can understand the fundamentals of locomotion, tracking and optimizing XR experiences. Seasoned developers can enhance their knowledge with understanding of Unity Physics and Kinematics, Holographic User Interface, advanced lighting and techniques for producing high-fidelity visuals. The XR Master Classes can range between 4 to 8 weeks, which includes live sessions, vetted XR instructors and personal tutoring. Learning is also accelerated by their project-based learning system, to quickly get people up to speed and skilled in creating XR experiences. Ian Mackenzie(Samsung Software Engineer) praises the XR education platform, stating “With a full time job, I already work in Unity for 40 hours a week. However, at the end of the day I still find myself excited to explore the course content and learn new things from the master class.”

Inclusivity in XR Bootcamp

A bit more about XR Bootcamp’s XR education for the green-thumb and the advanced

To re-iterate, for those new to XR or are green-thumbs, there are beginner master classes to attend. The fundamentals of XR development is taught, including forms of XR environment/object tracking, navigation within an XR space and seamless XR application performance. Development tools will also be explored, teaching students the basics of C-Sharp(C#) and Unity. If students attend the Rapid Prototyping in XR, they’ll benefit from hands-on projects and career mentorship. After completion of course, students will have 5 prototypes and 1 most valued project(MVP) to showcase on their portfolio, preparing them for the world of XR.

For more advanced developers and digital artists, there are the advanced master classes. These courses cover more complex structures and development of XR. This includes holographic UIs, physics-based rendering, optimization of scene rendering and haptics control system. Advanced learners will also learn how to implement big data into XR projects and leveraging hardware platforms for high-fidelity experiences. A real benefit from the advanced courses is attaining invaluable insight from Holonautic and Vivek Reddy from Viga Studios.

Behind the scenes of VR in the Wild

XR Bootcamp in conclusion

Whether beginner or advanced, students benefit from personal tutoring, frequent live sessions each week, hands-on learning and specialized instructors. Students can also dive into the XR community, opening up opportunities for networking, sharing projects and finding next XR endeavor. XR Bootcamp hosts an exclusive Discord channel, where experts try out new features from Hand Physics Lab, win cool gear and exclusive discounts. But first students must become an expert before they can join the experts group on Discord.

XR Bootcamp is a truly special XR education platform, teaching people on how to leverage XR. The skills attained from the courses will be highly demanded as more brands implement XR, enhancing brand experience. Since it’s still a young technology to be explored and fleshed out, there will be increasingly many ways students can monetize on their new found skills. But, first must learn the tech, which XR Bootcamp is a perfect facilitator for. Welcome to the future of things.

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