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Zappar Provides a Streamlined Approach for Increasing Brand Engagement Through Augmented Reality

Zappar is a company based out of London, UK, which provides a streamlined solution for creating augmented reality applications. Founded in 2011, they have partnered up with leading brands, including MassFar Augmented Reality, Jumpr, Leovation and Utovertiser. As Zappar likes to put it, “Some people talk about ‘augmented reality’ but we prefer ‘zaps’ and ‘zapping’.”

The technology that powers Zappar was first created in laboratories within the University of Cambridge in England. The tech team has been improving on the coding and interface for over forty years and view themselves as “an entertainment laboratory with a collective skillset that makes for a unique type of creative tech company.”

In 2013, they introduced the Zapcode, which is a lightning bolt with barcode-like etchings encircling it. This code allows for content hidden with products, media or anything to unveil hidden content. One of the benefits for utilizing augmented reality for products is that if someone buys an do-it-yourself outdoor playset, the Zapcode will allow the amateur assembler to pull up a how-to video through the Zappar app.

Content can be created with Zapcode Creator. It utilizes a drag-and-drop approach, letting the coding behind-the-scenes do all the augmented reality transmutation process. They also provide you full control over customization through their Pro Editor. If you wanted to, you could embed the Zapcode into your own app or a tracking images, and even create widgets that pop out of the code.

Brands that have utilized Zappar’s streamlined AR approach include Rogue Magazine, Skylanders and One Direction. Rogue utilized Zappar to publicize their acquirement of Pilipino Magazine, Magnum, with the brand ambassador being zapped off the page with calls to action. Skylanders employed Zappar to bring their SWAP Force Master Eon’s Official Guide book to life. During One Directions “live” 7-hour 1D Day  event, Zapcodes popped up on the screen, giving viewers access to bonus content.

When it comes to inventing new ways for implementing augmented reality, Zappar believe in keeping people at the forefront of how AR tech will be adopted. After all, it is technology that aids people and not the other way around. You can learn more about Zappar and try their streamlined augmented reality creator free for 30 days, on their website.

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