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Zeality has Developed a Content Delivery Platform that Merges Social Engagement with Virtual Reality Media

As the amount of virtual reality content continues to rise, the amount of VR distribution platforms to find such content continue to increase. These very platforms will play a important role in the mainstream adoption of VR Headsets and provide VR HMD owners much more convenience in finding content that they want to experience.

This brings me to Zeality. Zeality is a distribution platform that is merging the concept of social media with virtual reality. In other words, they are letting the users of their app decide what content is trending in VR. It also allows content-creators to grant access to their VR media through customizable social engagement tools.

Brand name companies have turned to Zeality to get their content delivered to potential viewers. Companies that include Reebok, SVEER, Koncept VR and San Francisco Studios. Their content, along with other creators is curated and delivered to users who’ll find their content most interesting. The most interesting or socially engaged content will highlighted, reaching more viewers.

The dedicated minds behind this delivery platform includes Dipak M. Patel (Co-founder/CEO), Jason Sperske (Co-founder/CTO), Arlene Santos (Chief Experience Officer), Adam Dubov (Chief Content Officer), Lulit Solomon, Scott Collins, Bryan Bor and Andriy Pishchalenko.

By executing their objective of bring social engagement, curation and content management of VR media, they are helping the VR marketplace reach a larger audience and promoting the mainstream use of such innovative hardware and immersive media. To get a better picture of their VR distribution platform, go ahead and visit their website.

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