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Zenz VR Develops an Immersive Intense Horror Game for the HTC Vive Titled ‘Hordez’

How scary would it be to be placed right in the zombie apocalypse? This is a experience that can be realized through virtual reality. It is also an experience that can be realized through Zenz VR’s Hordez. Zenz VR is an independent development studio powered by one dedicated mind, by the name of Niklas Persson. He’s previously worked on titles such as Battlefield: 1942 and Codename: Eagle, but now spends his time sharpening his VR developmental skills.

Hordez is a great showcase of his skills. Initially produced for the HTC Vive, it places you in a post-apocalyptic world of the undead. The cause of this, was a rift in dimensions, which allowed demons to cross over into the living-realm and take possession of human-beings. Now these possessed human zombies sole desire is to eradicate all living things on Earth. Your sole mission is to eradicate every demonic zombie.

You play the role as an elite hi-powered guns-for-hire that secures various locations from demonic portals. Unlike most of virtual reality games to-date, you are carried through the game on a self-guided floating platform, which means evading the hordez or hiding is not an option. You’ll have to stand your ground and put your aiming skills to the test. The action is intense and non-stop, giving you a variety of weapons to take out the hordez, such as knives, machine-guns and explosives.

As stated by VRFocus, “Although there’s no cover system as with Virtua Cop of Time Crisis, the videogame is based upon the ideal of never having a momentary lapse of concentration: you’ve inserted your coins and videogame is going to continually attempt to punish you until it’s game over.”

A game like this, will surely make the weak-hearted throw off their VR headset. Honestly, even the strong-hearted may find it too frightening of having a ghoulish zombie right up in their personal space. Well, more like a lot of possessed decaying bodies running straight towards you. A word of advice for this game: Make sure nothings is in your immediate vicinity, as you are sure to knock some stuff over while you fight for your virtual life.

If you’re looking for some intense zombie action, Hordez is definitely the game to add to your VR to-do list. It is set to be released sometime in second quarter of 2016 on Steam. Zens VR ‘Hordez’ demonstrates how HTC Vive room-scale and dual-controller capabilities can be utilized for immersive and intense fun. As an end note, lucky there is no haptics for the olfactory senses or this game would just be unbearable to play.

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