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Capitola Social Advancing AR In Social Engagement

Capitola Social is helping companies unlock branded social AR for highly immersive and engaging brand experiences.

Immersive Gameplay propelled by Vertigo Studios

Most VR players have fought off hordes of undead in Vertigo Studios platinum selling post-apocalyptic immersive gameplay, Arizona Sunshine.

Branded AR Campaigns enhanced with AirCards

AirCards is assisting companies, including Samsung and HP, in producing branded AR strategies for improving and enhancing brand experience.

VR First Leading The Way In XR Public Ecosystems

VR First has hosted hackathons, conferences and developed grass-root XR ecosystems to connect people from across industries.

Training in VR brought to you by RiVR

RiVR is one of the VR studios who understands the impact of training in VR for enhancing the way we learn, train and educate ourselves.

VR Medical Training for Surgeons Led by OssoVR

Founded in 2016, OssoVR is a pioneering company solving one of the medical industries most worrisome problem with VR medical training.

VR Marketplace for Oculus Quest by SideQuestVR

SideQuestVR is a XR marketplace serving those who've adopted the Oculus Quest, with yet-to-be-released VR games and unique content.

XR Education Advances with XR Bootcamp

XR Bootcamp is a XR education platform helping with the XR learning process, for both green-thumbs, seasoned developers and digital artists.

Haptic UI Standard for XR refined by Holonautic

Holonautic is one team of expert XR enthusiasts, who've made it their objective to expand on the haptic UI design of XR environments.

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